Fashion & Apparel Aerie Builds On Its Body Positive Mission With In-Store Additions

The lingerie retailer created dressing room add-ons that encourage community-driven support, body-positive staff training and an updated measuring system

Delivery & Logistics This Bra From An All-Female Team Updates A Decades-Old Design

Bree McKeen and her team of female engineers redesigned the bra to fit all women more comfortably

Design Teen Invents A Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer

This "miracle" bra from Higia Technologies detects changes in a woman's health over time

Retail Vibrating Smart Bra Helps Wearers Find Their Zen

Apart from providing physical support, Vitali improves posture and helps train people to deepen their breath

Health This Smart Bra From MIT Could Improve Women's Health

A sensor-filled wearable provides real-time feedback on a woman's heart

Home This Truck Will Drive Around the U.S. to Let Women Try on Bras

With comfort and customization in mind, True&Co announces a mobile lingerie shop complete with fitting rooms

Advertising PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

Samsung's flexible mobile displays, a bra that unhooks by clapping and how KLM embraced Comic Sans. We bring you the best in business, tech and art.

Advertising Men's Magazine Calendar Teaches Guys How To Unclasp A Bra

Magazine de-mystifies bras for men in a creative manner.

Technology This Smart Sports Bra Can Detect Breast Cancer

The Breast Tissue Screening Bra from First Warning Systems acts as a continuous monitoring system for tumors.

Innovation Innovative Bra Safely Stores Your iPhone In A Secret Pocket

This women's undergarment features a discrete compartment to hold your belongings.

Design Stella McCartney X Adidas Sports Bra Has Embedded Heart Monitor

High-tech clothing item for women helps track your workout progress.