Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Bracelet Allows Consumers To Safely Store Cryptocurrency

Design studio Layer created a stylish accessory meant to make digital currencies more practical and secure for everyday use

Fashion & Apparel Bracelet Lets Wearers Feel Someone's Touch Over Distance

The wearable device mimics a real human touch with a "gentle squeeze"

Infants Bracelet Lets Dads-To-Be Feel Their Baby Kicking

Fibo uses technology to help fathers get more involved in pregnancy—and create some beautiful jewelry

Innovation Snoop Lion Turns Illegal Guns Into Bracelets

Along with releasing a song with an anti-gun theme, the artist has collaborated with MTV and Jewelry for a Cause on limited edition items.

Design Bracelet Lets Users See Text Messages Light Up On Their Wrist

Innovative Kickstarter translates updates onto a wearable display.

Design Wearable Stylus Fits On The Wrist Like A Slap Bracelet

'FLAXUS' is a colorful fashion accessory that doubles as a writing implement for mobile touchscreen devices.

Technology Bracelet Unlocks Mobile Devices With Gestures

PassBan is introducing a wristband that can be used to authenticate your online information with a shake or a tap.

Technology Bracelet Signals Incoming Texts And Emails By Flashing Different Colors

Embrace+ is a piece of wearable tech that can be set to glow based on different notifications or contacts.

Innovation PSFK Goes Hands-On With The Jawbone Up Fitness Tracker

Jawbone's latest entry into the fitness tracking marketplace offers a number of hardware and software design improvements.

Advertising Harry Winston Charitable Bracelet

The American jewelry company will donate one hundred percent of the proceeds from each piece sold to various charities.

Design Social Networking Bracelet Gathers Personal Data & Matches Users With Similar People Nearby

The Amico Bracelet concept design lets you meet people who have similar social networking profiles, aggregating your info and wirelessly broadcasting your profile within 50 feet.

Work Digital Bracelet Detects If Medical Staff Need To Wash Their Hands

An interactive system to ensure health professionals comply to a proper hygiene regime.

Design (Pic) iPod Nano Watch

A new watch casing offers a familiar and convenient way to interact and carry the device.

Gaming & Play Life Microscope Bracelet Monitors The Minute Details Of Your Life

A concept design from Hitachi is claimed to be able to track a user's activity with a great deal of precision.