Design Inclusive Typeface Combines Braille With The Visual Alphabet

Braille Neue allows sighted and non-sighted people to read the same typeface, doing away with the need for multiple iterations of the same information

Technology Braille Literacy Tool Helps The Visually Impaired Learn Independently

The Read Read exposes students to braille with a tactile board and audio pronunciation so they can learn on their own

Health There's A Revolution Happening In Tech For The Blind

Apps are linking visually impaired people to sighted volunteers as assistive technology enters a new era of connectivity

Fashion & Apparel Wearable Acts As A Constant Guide For The Visually Impaired

MIT researchers have designed a prototype of a device to assist the visually impaired with navigating an area without using a cane

Design Tablet Makes Visual Information Tactile For The Visually Impaired

Researchers in Switzerland have come up with a tablet with magnetic pins for users to feel where they are on a map and where they need to go

Fashion & Apparel First Braille Watch Lets The Visually Impaired Receive Text Messages

The wrist device was designed to make phones more accessible for the blind without relying on sound

Design Phone For The Blind Made Out Of Textured Braille Material

The device uses design to make a difference

Design 3D-Printed Sustainable Clothing Hides Secret Messages

A German design student developed her own fashion line with hidden notes written in Braille

Technology Fingertip Cameras May Help The Blind Read Without Braille

HandSight is a translation system that works for printed materials and digital screens alike

Technology This 3D Printer Forms Figures From Flat Paper

The technology can quickly churn out embossed images and even braille for the visually impaired

These Toy Bricks Help Blind Children Learn To Read

Braille Bricks were created as a tool to encourage creativity and learning

Advertising Coca-Cola Cans Designed for the Blind

Agency Anonimo worked with the brand to create versions of the 'Share a Coke' cans for the visually impaired

Luxury Teen Develops LEGO Printer that Converts Documents to Braille in Seconds

Braigo technology automatically transcribes files for the blind

Home Door Lock Integrates Braille for Added Layer of Passcode Security

Discreet keypad prevents 'shoulder surfing' security attacks