Health Headband Helps You Achieve Better Focus And Sleep

The device uses extra-low frequency electromagnetic pulses to induce relaxation and a state of meditation

Advertising This Company is Building a Business on your Brainwaves

From meditation to med schools, seeing inside our brains is shaping the future

Design Helmet Lets You Hear Your Thoughts

The Experience Helmet can boost self-awareness by giving you an audio tour of your thought processes

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel British Airways Happiness Blanket Changes Colors To Reflect Your Mood

The airline experiments with neuro-sensor technology to learn how to improve in-flight services for passengers.

Innovation How To Transform Consumers' Retail Experience Into A Creative Product

Footwear brand develops a participatory theatrical experience, giving visitors the chance to hear their own brainwaves react to tactile stimuli.

Technology Sensor Monitors Brainwaves To Shoot Hands-Free iPhone Footage [Video]

Neurocam identifies what the wearer is interested in and records that footage in GIF format.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Brainwave-Monitoring Car Slows Down When The Driver Is Distracted [Video]

RAC creates a vehicle that can only be driven when it has the driver's undivided attention.

Technology Artist Moves Water With Her Mind [Video]

Lisa Park’s performance 'Eunoia' utilizes an EEG headset to turn her brainwaves into vibrations of sound that create ripples in smal pools.

Design Headset Transforms Brainwaves Into 3D-Printed Objects [Video]

Thinker Thing harnesses the power of the mind to create little creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Technology Log In To Accounts Using Brainwaves Instead Of Passwords

Researchers explore the possibility of a computer authentication system that is powered by the mind.

Technology Pillow Doubles As Alarm Clock

Textile embedded with electrodes is able to track brainwaves and sleep patterns to help users get a better sleep.

Work Scientists Use Brainwaves To Compose Music

Software has been specially developed to convert thoughts into elaborate compositions that actually mimic human composed pieces.

Work Toy Helicopter Controlled By Brainwaves

Puzzlebox Orbit is an educational device that combines a brain-controlled helicopter with open hardware, software, and teaching material.

Gaming & Play Headband Controls Computer

The Muse band aims to enable users to focus their attention on simple commands in order to make their electronic devices do things.