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Advertising 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Twitter knocks over Facebook in sales, the stats on how many people would answer their phones during sex, and China's disenchantment with Louis Vuitton...Links to start your day with.

Technology eHarmony Gets Professional Calligrapher To Pen Your Facebook Love Letters

Messages submitted through the social network will be converted into handwritten notes for Valentine's Day.

Design Cadbury Marks 1 Million Facebook Fans With Huge Chocolate Thumbs Up

The giant sculpture was commissioned by the chocolate maker to celebrate its following on the social network.

Technology Citibank Allows Facebook Fans To Share Their Rewards Points

The application could be used by customers to team up for large gifts or charity fundraising.

Advertising Dockers Turns It's Facebook Photo Strip Into A Slot Machine

The brand offered a free pair of Alpha Khakis to the person who got the jackpot image.

Technology Orangina App Shows Your Original Friends On Facebook

The brand's Facebook page helps you find the friends who gave you your first likes, posts and comments.

Work Magners Cider Launches 'Bee Beard' App To Help Save The Bees

The brand will make a donation of bees for each download, Facebook 'like' and competition entry.

Advertising L’Oreal Helps Men Create Their Perfect Profile Pic [Video]

The brand's online advertising campaign introduces us to 'The Expert' in a series of videos.

Technology Build Better Relationships With A Social Media Content Strategy

Frank Marquardt, Director of Content Strategy at The Barbarian Group provides five content strategy tips.