Brand Immersion

Video Brands Can Help Gen-Z By Acting As Agents Of Change

Managing Director of DoSomething Strategic Meredith Ferguson explains that Gen Zers aren't relying on governments or institutions to drive social change—they see themselves as masters of their own social destiny

Brand Activation & Immersion Bacardi Creates Consumer-Chosen Content For Its IGTV Debut

The spirits company made its fans part of the production process, allowing them to vote on what locations and camera angles to use via Instagram polls, letting its consumers have an active role in brand content creation

Beauty Clean Beauty Retailer's Micro-Store Permits Shoppers IRL Brand Experience

With its new brick-and-mortar model in California, The Detox Market manages to pack both product and personality into a small space, helping supplement its online presence with an experiential counterpart

Brand Activation & Immersion Direct-To-Consumer Lingerie Startup Hosts Pop-Up Shops To Glean Consumer Insights

Lively, a digitally-native brand, uses a pop-up strategy to foster community among consumers, offering them an engaging in-store experience while also gaining a better understanding of its customers

Brand Activation & Immersion Beauty Brand Debuts Collection In A Traveling Experiential Pop-Up

The new cosmetics line boasts 1,000 maximalist-inspired products, which can be purchase online or at the roving shop, joining the trend around offering consumers the convenience of online shopping in tandem with the engagement of IRL experience

Store Experience & Design Party City Connects With Shoppers By Developing Pop-Up Toy Stores

The party supply chain has announced a plan to open 50 of the stores next to its Halloween pop-ups in September, using the opportunity to pique interest in its toy selection as well as fill a white space left after the demise of Toys"R"Us

Brand Activation & Immersion Waldorf Astoria And Hamleys Create An Immersive Offer For Kids

The luxury hotel's youngest guests can have a tea party with a life-sized Hamleys bear during their stay, an offer that functions as an engaging and experiential extension of the brand's guest accommodations

Brand Activation & Immersion ARSHOW Is A Company Aiming To Elevate How Audiences Experience Live Performance

The company is looking to revolutionize live shows by integrating augmented reality into artists' performances, taking the audience's experience to a new level through enhanced immersion and creative possibility

Brand Activation & Immersion Jaguar Modifies Its Approach To Retain Its Roar As A Quieter, Electrified Brand

Faced with technology-driven upheaval, the luxury auto brand is fostering continuity between its past and future, sustaining its reputation for speed and power that consumers recognize while also offering them an environmentally friendly model

Fashion & Apparel Gucci's Revamped Store Experience Will Display Björk Dresses In First Exhibit

An exhibit made possible by a three-way partnership from the fashion world is coming to the new Gucci Garden, a gallery-restaurant-store hybrid that offers customers of the design house a new level of experiential retail

Brand Activation & Immersion Instagram Builds A Kinetic Capsule Showcasing Stories From 2018

This year the Cannes Lions festival featured the work of one of the world's best storytellers, who created a time-capsule installation of this year's Instagrammed events, merging technology, design and community all in one show

Brand Activation & Immersion AT&T Promotes Stephen King T.V. Series With VR Escape Room Experience

To promote the second season of the television adaptation, AT&T will set up a virtual escape-the-room experience during this summers' Comic Con, replete with interactive games to fully immerse fans in a mysterious challenge

Advertising Interview: How Scent Is Set To Revolutionize The Customer Experience

In this interview, sensory design and fragrance expert Olivia Jezler shares her insight on the potential for scent, when integrated into retail design, to provide more meaningful and engaging experiences for consumers

Retail Do You Know How To Show Up As A Purpose-Led Brand?

A roundup of strategies from PSFK's CX Playbook lay the foundation for brands looking to build purpose-driven campaigns, products and experiences that inspire consumer engagement and long-term loyalty