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Advertising Designer Recreates Famous Logos To Use Less Ink

French designer Sylvain Boyer reimagined well-known brand logos with environmental impact in mind

Design How Big Brand Logos Lure Consumers [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic shows how a simple design can influence and inspire global familiarity.

Advertising What Could Famous Logos Look Like In 100 Years? [Pics]

StockLogos takes a look at the progression of logos from brands like Apple and Ford and speculates on what they will look like in the future.

Technology Could You Identify Popular Logos Sans Color?

The Brandseen app takes popular brand emblems and strips them of color, asking players to select the right shade from a color wheel before showing them how close they were.

Design iPhone App Helps You Navigate Cities Using Brand Logos

The new CityMaps iPhone app maps retail locations with brand logos, making an impromptu shopping trip a breeze and demonstrates our dense, commercial urban areas.

Advertising Popular Logos Rebranded By Hipsters

We don't know whether to laugh or shake our head at the cool kid take on these iconic brand logos.

Advertising Five Year Old Offers Her Thoughts On Popular Brand Logos

Graphic and brand identity designer, Adam Ladd recorded the video "Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks" with his five year old.

Technology Brand Reversions: Swapping Logos Advertises A Competitor

Brand Reversions is an ongoing project by Graham Smith in which he takes a well-known brand and swaps its logo with one from another brand; quite often a competitor.

Design You Took My Name: Viewing Brand Logos As Graphic Art

UK based creative agency, Dorothy created an ongoing art series that display corporate logos with all the type removed, which reveal colorful, minimalistic, geometric images.

Technology Honest Logos Get Straight To The Point

Victor Hertz redesigned brand logos to express a more “truthful” perspective on the effects of products by “reveal­ing the actual con­tent of the com­pany."