Food & Beverage Sustainable Beer Is Made From Leftover Marks & Spencer Bread

Britain-based Adnams Brewery is working with Marks & Spencer to repurpose extra bread from the retailer's sandwich counters

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Insect Burgers Go On Sale At Swiss Supermarket Chain

At Coop, adventurous eaters have a whole range of insect food products to choose from

Design Artist Turns Loaves of Bread Into Functional Lamps

Artist Yukiko Morita turned her experience in baking into art, making fully functional lamps out of real loaves of bread

Retail California Distillery Creates Vodka From Food Waste

A bartender and agricultural economist team up to create a niche in an evergreen category

Advertising Eco-Friendly Beer Brand Crafts Brews From Leftover Bread

Toast Ale turns discarded bread into delicious beer, hoping to help reduce food waste

Advertising Used Beer Grains Remade Into Tasty Granola Bars

High in protein and fiber, ReGrained bars could be a beer lover's dream come true

Food & Beverage Vending Machine Dispenses Freshly Baked Baguettes

Satisfy French bread cravings with this portable bakery that serves warm loaves 24/7

Advertising Grey Goose Has Turned To Bread Baking

The vodka brand has opened a pop-up cafe in New York City inspired by a traditional French boulangerie

Food & Beverage Edible Art Inspired By A Son's Drawings

A mother creates beautiful loaves of bread based on illustrations

Home Toast Perfume Challenges Fashion World's Love Of Carb-Free Diets

Federation of Bakers introduces a limited edition scent to send an important public message regarding the nutritional value of bread.

Design Still-Life Photography Landscapes Made Entirely Out Of Food [Pics]

Meat, bread and vegetables used to create breathtaking scenes in various environments.

Innovation Toaster Adds Top Google Image Of The Day Onto Slice Of Bread

Scott van Haastrecht's 'Image Toaster' is a prototype device that connects to a computer and prints onto your morning meal

Technology Toast Bread To The Perfect Brown Everytime [Video]

Clever appliance that allows users to select their toast preferences according to color and not time.

Home Bread Remains Fresh For 60 Days

A giant microwave machine is able to zap away spores that cause mold.