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Consumer Goods The UK Has Opened The First Store Dedicated To Cancer Patients

In a London hospital, a store aims to help those suffering from cancer

Health Roundtable: The Patient Will See You Now

We turned to a handful of health industry experts get their crystal ball predictions on what the future of health holds

Innovation How IBM Watson Is Being Used To Create Treatment Plans For Cancer Patients

New data demonstrates the supercomputer's ability to assist doctors in treating cancer

Design Teen Invents A Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer

This "miracle" bra from Higia Technologies detects changes in a woman's health over time

Technology This Tablet Can Help Make Post-Diagnosis Decisions

The SIMBA Decision Aid was created to help breast cancer survivors determine next steps for a check-up plan

App Allows Breast Cancer Survivors to Try on Potential Tattoos

Inkspirations arrives in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help survivors find the perfect artwork, artist

Advertising Cancer Awareness Campaign To Reclaim Language Of Breasts

The CoppaFeel! charity wants women to take back the vocabulary used regarding their chest with #WhatNormalFeelsLike.

Video Bra Monitors Body Heat For Breast Cancer Detection

First Warning Systems uses thermodynamic metabolic data to help combat deadly affliction.

Innovation Study Shows Physical Pressure Can Help Fight Cancer

Research at the University of California, Berkeley shows that applying pressure to potentially cancerous cells can help reverse their growth.

Syndicated Can Cancer Campaigns Be Sexy?

It's possible for ads about cancers of our more sexual body parts to use a flirty hook without slipping into exploitation?

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Partner Content Teenage Girl Develops Artificial 'Brain' That Diagnoses Breast Cancer With 99% Accuracy

Seventeen-year-old Brittany Wenger's 'Cloud 4 Cancer' uses an artificial neural network to detect patterns across the nine indicators that signal a malignant mass.

Innovation New Blood Test Detects Breast Cancer Years In Advance

The test identifies a genetic change that can indicate cancer, allowing women to take preventive medicines and switch to healthier lifestyles.