Brand Activation & Immersion Brewery Offers Hotel Guests An Immersive Beer-Inspired Stay

BrewDog outfitted its Doghouse hotel with 32 beer-focused and amenity-rich rooms on the same property as its brewery, offering guests a brand-themed stay

Advertising Brewery Turns Disused Warehouse Into A Giant Advent Calendar

A brewery in the UK created an advent calendar from an unused building to include humorous messages about the holidays

Food & Beverage Small Brewery Uses AR To Liven Up Beer Labels

A brewery in Washington is using an augmented reality app to animate the label on one of its beers

Food & Beverage Hotel Designed Exclusively For Beer Lovers

Those who have always wanted a vacation based entirely around craft beer now have their sanctuary in Columbus, Ohio, thanks to Brewdog

Advertising Brewery Converts Glass Bottles Into Sand To Preserve New Zealand Beaches

The campaign aims to help reduce the country's dependence on beach sand for use in industries like construction and pharmaceuticals

Retail Brewery Uses DNA To Craft The Perfect Beer

London's Meantime Brewery maps out a customer's genes in order to create the best beverage suited to their palette

Food & Beverage Mix Your Own Craft Beer Instantly

The freeze-dried powder from the owners of TO ØL brewery lets you enjoy a quality brew anytime

Food & Beverage Patagonia Is Launching Its Own Line Of Sustainable Beer

Long Root Ale is the latest drinkable product from the outdoors brand which uses a special grain to improve soil quality

Food & Beverage Dutch Brewer Launches Rainwater Beer

An Amsterdam brewer is taking the abundance of rain water and creating a brand new type of beverage

Advertising Co-Own A Craft Brewery Through Niche Crowdfunding

Micro-brewers are finding more creative ways to finance their projects and dreams.

Home Beer-Paired Sausages Recreate The Fine Dining Experience At Home

Craft brewery creates its own pork delights to go along with every kind of ale imaginable.

Advertising Headset Lets Drinkers Fill Beer Glass With Their Thoughts

The longer you can mentally focus on something cold, the more of the beverage you will receive

Design Brewery Uses Own Beer To Generate Energy

The Alaskan Brewing Co. has developed an environmentally friendly method of disposing brewing waste while powering the production process.

Luxury German Hotel Offers 100-Year Old Beer Barrels As Guest Beds

An AirBnB bed and breakfast takes beer appreciation to the next level offering sleeping quarters made of old barrels.