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Advertising Need To Know: 10 Must Read Posts Of The Week Vol. 12

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Design David Bowie Featured On Local London Currency

The singer's image now adorns the Brixton pound, which is used by independent stores and shoppers in south London.

Technology World's First Local e-Curency Allows Users To Pay By SMS

The Brixton Pound is the first local currency that will be available as an e-currency, designed to promote spending in local stores.

Work Cashless Economy: Dibspace Founder's Bid To Live On Virtual Currency For A Year

To draw more people to his site, Dibspace founder, Dominic Canterbury, plans to pay for everything from rent to food for an entire year using nothing but virtual currency.

Design Local Currency Watch: The Brixton Pound

Brixton, the south London area in the Borough of Lambeth famed for it’s diverse community, has decided to single handedly combat the recession within it’s borders through an ingenious adaptation of money.

Innovation Help John Grant Edit His New Book “Co-Opportunity” [Part 5]

This is an extract from the draft John Grant’s new book Co-opportunity, contracted for publication with John Wiley & Sons Limited, January 2010. This extract is section 5. - Abundance.