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Features How Brands Are Enabling Seamless Wishlist Creation

From easy-to-incorporate browser extensions to mobile apps that let users swipe left or right, brands like Amazon and Google are inventing convenient and useful ways for online shoppers to organize and group items they're interested in

Work Browser Extension Stops Users From Scheduling Useless Meetings

A simple tool could boost productivity by questioning whether every group invite is really necessary

Advertising Social Activism Project Uses Emojis To Get Young People Involved

A browser extension offers a new approach to getting younger people to inform themselves and take action on world issues

Delivery & Logistics Shop More Ethically With The Help Of This Browser Extension

Impakt informs shoppers about the ethics of a company and suggest similar items from responsible brands

Retail Microsoft's Advertising Chatbot Helps Marketers Personalize Customer Engagement

Those who use Bing can search for an establishment and have their questions answered before they get to the location

Technology Donate To Charities With Browser Extension

Buoy Up allows a user to donate to a charity mentioned in a news article about tragic events

Retail This Digital Assistant Helps Real Estate Agents Do Their Job

A Gmail assistant for real estate agents helps them manage their email accounts while working with multiple home buyers

Technology Google Is Pushing Into The Enterprise Market With A Business Operating System

The tech company said the system will feature a number of tools that will make Chromebooks more attractive for corporate use

Home Browser Extension Lets Tenants Give Landlords A Good Or Bad Report Card

Rentlogic wants landlords in New York to receive a grade based on how well they take care of their properties

Design Browser Extension Makes Any Page Kid Friendly

Rodzice developed a Chrome browser extension that adds child-friendly graphics to any website

Work Browser Extension Reminds You What You Need To Be Working On

Every time you open a new tab, this browser extension will show you the next step on your to-do list

Technology Plugin Shames You Into Ditching Your Facebook Habit

Focusbook aims to make your social media use quick and purposeful