Design Pop-Up Swimming Pools Convert Urban Areas Into Water Playgrounds

The initiative, created by an organization called Pool Is Cool, is dedicated to providing the residents of Brussels, Belgium with public swimming spaces

Advertising Burger King Launched A Bus To Take Brussels Residents To Its Restaurant

The company was concerned its location was not central enough to earn visitors, so it brought diners there for free

Advertising Explore The Smells Of Europe Through A Scented Art Installation

Experience Paris, Brussels, Cologne and Amsterdam through a special art installation that presents the cities by smells

Luxury Enjoy the Hues with a View in Brussels-Based Pantone Hotel

The design hotel in Brussels lets travelers experience the city through a lens of color

Home Rustic Luxury Hotel Resides Above A Chocolate Shop

Belgian B&B takes the rich elements of chocolate to influence its decor and design.

Parking Lot Graffiti Reminds Drivers To Look Behind Them When Reversing

Street artist Ernest Zacharevic created lifelike images of children playing in a parking lot in Brussels to promote safe driving.

Technology Portal In France Gives Real-Time ‘Tours’ Of Brussels Without Leaving The Country

To promote the direct rail service, the French national railway SNCF installed a cube that virtually 'transported' people.

Work Agency Intern Program Rewards Improved Performance With Better Housing

Ad agency Mortierbrigade creates tiered living quarters with different stages of comfort for trainees that depend on their in-office performance -- ranging from campsite to luxury suite.

Video WMMNA: Communism, Fantasy And Homemade Bombs At Polish Art Exhibition

Regine Debatty takes us into the world of Polish Art from the exhibition called 'The Power Of Fantasy' held at the Bozar Center in Brussels.

Design Creative Inspiration From The Behance Network XXXI

Behance is a company that organizes the creative world to make ideas happen. Creative thinkers – the people with the most ideas – often struggle the most with organization and productivity. Behance aims to change that.

Innovation Hi-Rise Uses LED Covered Exterior To Display Time And Weather

The Dexia Tower is a Brussels high-rise with an illumination system designed by Lab[au] to visualize time through the use of color.

Design Disturb Me: Hotel Room Interactive Art

The White Hotel in Brussels has a new in-room installation piece that provides a colorful, interactive experience for guests.