Advertising Ed Cotton: To Get Close To Customers, Brands Need To Get Real

The UK newspaper, the Guardian, will be opening its doors to readers by hosting a two-day face-to-face event where readers can debate with journalists.

Technology Ed Cotton: A Peek Into Bjork's New Music Hybrid

The Director of Strategy at BSSP explores the Icelandic singer's new app/album hybrid and reviews the groundbreaking concept that combines music with science and nature.

Advertising Ed Cotton: What Will We Actually Learn Anything From The NOTW Debacle?

The public forgave the News Of The World's questionable business ethics, but the director of strategy at BSSP warns that brands need to be transparent to avoid irreparable damage to their identities.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Ed Cotton: Brand Actions Matter (Afar Magazine)

BSSP's Director of Strategy commends a new type of travel magazine that focuses on informing travelers to be more global citizens rather than pointing out tired, repeated tourist locations.

Technology Ed Cotton: Media In An Age Of Perpetual Disruption

Many brands are just starting to grapple with the first wave of digital disruption, that they aren't fully conscious of the perpetual disruption that's happening to the media space.

Home Ed Cotton: No To Labs-Yes To Incubators?

Brands could do worse than think about how they might get closer to start ups.

Design Ed Cotton: Bookstores Need A Social Life

There's enormous value in the power of a physical venue to bring people together, but if you don't do anything with it and offer some value add, why are people going to shop there?

Innovation Ed Cotton: Lessons From Aol, Starbucks And NPR

At the recent Wired Business Conference, Steve Case, Howard Schultz and Vivian Schiller talked about the changing world of business and its impact on their brands.