Building automation

Advertising LG Put Up A Dishwasher-Themed Water Park In New York

To promote its new four-arm spray dishwasher, LG inflated a pop-up water park on New York's Upper East Side

Home Microsoft Is Launching A Connected Thermostat That Can Detect When You're Home

The company has not yet revealed pricing or a release date for the device, which can automatically adjust temperature settings and monitor air quality

Retail Alibaba Challenges Google And Amazon With A New Voice Assistant

The Chinese company has created its own digital speaker-assistant with the all the same capabilities of Amazon's Echo

Technology Smart Home Camera Can Identify Family, Pets And Strangers

The Nest Cam IQ offers 'intelligent' features that can differentiate sources of motion and sound in your home and send customized alerts

Design Building A Better Connected Home

In a conversation with Nest, we discuss the the risks, benefits and future of home automation