building materials

Design Mushroom Building Materials Grown To Be Stronger Than Brick

100% organic blocks of fungi that are water-, mold- and fire-resistant

Home The U.K.’s First Waste House Made From 85% Trash

Plastic razors, toothbrushes and denim jeans make up this upcycled building.

Design Reclaimed Soda Bottles Transformed Into Durable Roofing

Plastic thatching creates local jobs and helps tackle mountains of waste.

Home Laminated Timber Apartment Building Opens Up Construction Possibilities

Victoria Harbour in Melbourne is now the home of 'Forte', which was built using the revolutionary new material.

Technology A Craigslist For Unwanted Items Left On The Street

Trashswag helps people find salvageable materials like lumber or furniture that others have thrown out.

Gaming & Play Luxury Brand Upcycles Materials From Its Exhibition For Children's Playground

Shang Xia reused the bamboo, pebbles and wood to build a play area for vulnerable young students.

Design Wood Substitute Made From Corn Waste

The University of Illinois has created a material that could replace fiberboard and plywood.