Tattoo Artist Inks Bullied Boy's Back Brace Free Of Charge

12-year-old Xavier was gifted a renovated and confidence-boosting device depicting a great white shark

Advertising Powerful PSA Addresses The Dangers Of Facebook Bullying

The campaign draws attention to the psychological impact of cyber harassment

Imagining a Future Where Bullying Only Lives On in Museums

This exhibition hopes to make bullying a relics of the past

Work Youth-Powered Social Cause Takes Shape in the Form of 'Bully Project'

Online platform lets artist showcase their work via mural, posters to help raise awareness

Advertising Anti-Bullying Video Gets Shorter With Each Share

Singapore's Coalition Against Bullying For Children And Youth has created a video that gets shorter by a millisecond every time a viewer shares it.

Innovation 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Dropbox buys the Mailbox app, Samsung gets 2 new CEOs and creativity from brain shocks...links to start your day with.

Advertising Disney Cancels Fitness Theme Park For Fear Of Offending Obese Kids [Headlines]

The major corporation halted plans for a health conscious amusement park after charges of shaming overweight children.

Innovation Can Babies Teach Kids About Bullying? [Headlines]

Infants are used to teach children about respect and curb rough-housing in schools.

Technology Wifi Schemes Are The New School Bully [Headlines]

Internet access is made difficult in South Korea educational institutions by some digital culprits.

Online Game Teaches Kids To Deal With Bullying [Headlines]

Herotopia is a virtual community where kids learn the values of getting along in a game setting that can also be applied to their lives.

Design Secret Mission Me: eBooks That Help Children Communicate With Parents

An new platform uses the unique features of mobile phones and tablets to make it easier for children and parents to have meaningful conversations about school life.

Work The Rise Of Anti-Bullying Experts

A new industry, aiming to address a growing epidemic in schools and online, is gaining steam in the US.