Burger King

Brand Activation & Immersion PSFK's New Innovation Report On Food Service Offers Key Lessons For All Retailers On How To Perfectly Deliver On Personal Tastes

From frictionless ordering and dynamic menus to optimized delivery, food service operators are leveraging technology to create a more dynamic customer experience

Automotive Gridlocked Drivers Can Order Burger King Straight To Their Car

BK's 'Traffic Jam Whopper' service identifies areas congested with traffic and activates billboards to alert drivers to its delivery option

Advertising Burger King Creates "Sad Meal" Box For Mental Health Awareness Month

Burger King launched "real meal" boxes for the month of May to promote mental health awareness among consumers and highlight that not every meal has to be 'happy'

Cafe & Restaurant Burger King Asks Students For April Fools' Prank Fodder

The fast-food chain is crowdsourcing prank ideas for next year's campaign, as well as collecting insights into younger consumers' likes

Food & Beverage Burger King Rewards Customers Who Burn Competitor Ads With Free Whoppers

The 'Burn That Ad' campaign invites customers to scan any media from the fast-food chain's competitors on its AR-enabled app, and then burn it virtually to receive a free whopper

Gaming & Play Gamers Can Create A Virtual Burger King Whopper To Receive A Free One IRL

Red Dead Redemption players in Sweden can virtually collect all of the ingredients for the fast-food chain's famous burger and register their inventory to receive a free burger

Loyalty & Membership Burger King Offers Customers Hamburger Insurance For Swedish Summer BBQ Ban

Burger King is helping preserve one of the scandinavian nation's beloved summer pastimes, offering a whopper each day of the ban for those enrolled in its program

Retail Burger King Offers Whoppers To Recipients Of Out-Of-Office Messages

The fast-food chain allows vacationers to reward their hard-working colleagues with whoppers or Oreo shakes, functioning as a brand activation that brightens office workers' summer

Advertising Instagram Stories Let People Customize Their Burger King Whopper

Spanish users of the social media platform were able to create "Insta Whoppers," receiving a coupon with which to purchase a real burger in their direct messages

Technology Burger King Uses Service Speed To Teach Customers About Net Neutrality

The campaign makes Burger King customers pay an exorbitant amount to get a Whopper at the speed they're used to

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Burger King Made Ads Out Of Tweets Disparaging Wendy's

To promote its new spicy chicken nuggets, Burger King is promoting critical tweets from when Wendy's discontinued its version of the item

Cafe & Restaurant McDonalds Has Debuted The McVegan In Finland

The fast food chain is testing out the appeal and branding of meatless products

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Burger King And Sainsbury's Run Ads Shot On Snap's Spectacles

These are the first two brands to use these glasses for advertising

Food & Beverage Burger King Launched A Bus To Take Brussels Residents To Its Restaurant

The company was concerned its location was not central enough to earn visitors, so it brought diners there for free