Burning Man

Innovation PurpleList Podcast Episode 17: How Burning Man Is A Microcosm Of The Experience Economy At Play

We discussed the legacy, misconceptions and culture of Burning Man with five people from five very different industries

How Burning Man Is A Microcosm Of The Experience Economy At Play

We spoke to five people from five different industries about how experience reigns supreme at Burning Man over material goods or status

Features The $10,000 Stylist Behind Burning Man's New Looks

Burning Man was never meant to be about money, but an influx of wealthy festivalgoers has led its founder to liken some parts of it to a ‘gated community’

Design Pneumatic Structures Breathe New Life Into Brick and Mortar

Design collective Pneuhaus uses inflatable cells to create flexible yet rigid structures

Home American Artist to Build a 'Temporary' Temple in Ireland

David Best, the man behind the popular ornate temples at Nevada's Burning Man Festival, has began crowdfunding for a similar structure across the pond

Luxury Burning Man: Desert Land Of Misfit Tech

Festival known for dust-blown 'roughing it' now playing host to the art, entrepreneurs, and royalty of high tech

Technology Flying Drones Deliver 3D Printed Personal Portraits To Burning Man Attendees

Using GPS tracking, festival-goers can get tiny statues of themselves delivered via anaerial robot.

Design (Event) FIGMENT NYC: Like A Mini, Family-Friendly Burning Man

This weekend, New York City's Governors Island will be transformed into a multifaceted array of artwork and art projects at FIGMENT.