Bus transport

Automotive Could Autonomous School Buses Get Kids Safely To School?

A design concept from Teague gives the yellow school bus an update with an autonomous driving AI

Food & Beverage London Buses Will Soon Be Powered By Coffee Grounds

London transport system to start using new B20 biofuel made from coffee waste

Design Exhibition Shows Works Of Art Created On NYC MetroCards

Artists from around New York were invited to create pieces of art using the city's transit pass

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel These 'Moving Hotels' Are Reshaping The Megabus Industry

A San Francisco-based startup aims to kill sleeplessness aboard its otherwise arduous eight plus hour drives

Syndicated Citymapper Aims To Reshape Transit With Its 'Hyper-Local Multi-Passenger Pooled Vehicle'

The London transport app company was given a six-month license to launch a bus route in the city

Technology A Private Company Tests A Smart Bus For The Public In London

Citymapper wants to transform the outdated public transportation sector with its own modern system

Advertising Supreme Releases Branded MetroCard For NYC Commuters

The brand has partnered with the MTA to customize your subway ride

Fashion & Apparel Lululemon's Meditation Busses Help Londoners Find Calm And Focus

The complimentary sessions including soothing scents and light refreshments