business card

Advertising This Minimalist Business Card Hides Its Details In The Shade

You have to be bright enough to figure out how to view the information on a business card that first appears completely blank

Design Business Cards Are Upcycled From Cotton T-Shirts

A printing company takes the leftover scraps from cotton T-shirt molds and turns them into paper for business cards

Work Be the Brightest Networker With Light-Up LED Business Cards

Illuminated with etched light, these business cards are almost too lovely to hand out

Health Doctor’s Business Card Measures Holder’s Heartbeat

A Hungarian ECG company puts real-time pulse on a business card

Design MMA Referee's Business Card is Also a Thumb War Game

MMA referee Mario Yamasaki has a unique, creative, and industry-relevant way of introducing himself

Work Business Cards Made from Melted Crayons

Artist and designer Dorota Pankowska's usable Crayon Business Cards leave their mark as intended

Design Store Contacts in the Cloud with Real-Time Digital Business Card

Keep your friends and connections list up-to-date and private with 'Olocode' service

Video Mountain Hostel Business Card Cures Altitude Sickness [Video]

Kokopelli Backpackers Hostel created an edible card with a coca leaf.

Advertising Furniture Shop’s Business Card Folds Into A Miniature Armchair [Pics]

London's bentply hands out innovative contact info.

Advertising Optician’s Business Card Can Weed Out Poor Vision

Hoping to target older men and women, an optician in South Korea created a way to easily alert people to their failing eyesight.

Advertising Cheese Company's Business Card Is Also A Mini Grater [Video]

Ad agency JWT designed the Grater Card for cheese shop Bon Vivant.

Design Business Cards That Light Up

Electrical engineering student Jay Kickliter designed this capacitive touch card, which has LEDs that flash when you hold it.

Technology Augmented Reality Business Card [Video]

Advertising agency JWT London creates an innovative way to view their showreel using Blippar.

Advertising Scottish Design Firm Creates Business Card From Sandpaper And Wooden Paper

The design firm helps a woodworking client stay true to form and character with an interesting business card concept