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Advertising Interview: Marriott On Elevating The Business Travel Experience Through Local Culture

Aiming less to compete with Airbnb and more to enhance the traditional business stay, Marriott's Renaissance brand of accommodations builds on the standard experience its customers expect by curating mini adventures and integrating local culture into its design to help those on quick trips return with a unique and sharable stay

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Recharge Lets Guests Book Pay-By-Minute Stays In Private Residences

The platform that allows members to book quick hotel stays is expanding its services to private homes in the style of Airbnb, letting guests pay by the minute for short sessions in vetted residences

Shopper Education & Assistance Travelers Can Book Flights And Hotels By Texting A Virtual Assistant

Mezi, an American Express-owned service, helps save business travelers precious time by fielding questions through a messaging-style interface

Post Purchase Service & Support Business Travelers Can Coordinate Their Plans On SAP's Travel Slack Bot

SAP Concur is using Slack to help streamline business travel, ensuring that business teams have a single platform for itinerary, pricing and booking information

Work Singapore Hotel Is Open Just For Entrepreneurs

Tribe Theory calls itself a 'venture hotel' and is optimized for young people who work for themselves and spend time traveling

Cafe & Restaurant Creating Lifestyle Experiences With Unexpected Travel Partnerships

Travel brands are developing atypical accommodations to attract guests with niche interests and needs

Millennials Millennial-Geared Platform Rewards Budget-Minded Business Travelers

TravelBank promises to give employees more travel choices while simultaneously helping businesses spend less money

Retail Airbnb Has Unveiled A New Tool For Business Travelers

The business search yields results of only those places that the company has deemed "business travel ready" or BTR

Luxury Pay A Monthly Fee, Pack Your Bags and Take Unlimited Flights

This startup brings the monthly metro pass concept to the skies

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel PSFK Labs Imagines the Future of Business Travel

In the Future of Travel 2016, we look into the future applications and tools powering the up-in-the-air worklife