Advertising Spectrum Introduces A Streaming-Only Cable Package To Convert Back Cord-Cutters

The lightweight service from Charter Communications carries only the essentials

Entertainment Google Announces A Service To Rival Cable For $35

The package includes live programs and TV shows from the likes of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox

Retail Facebook Is Beginning To Act Like A TV Network

AMC aired the first episode of their new show on social media giant's streaming service

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Android takes over Hyundai and Kia as YouTube will begin charging per view.

Technology Will Google Become The Next Cable TV Provider?

Web giant in talks with media companies for potential broadcasting takeover.

Technology Netflix Viewership Beats Broadcast And Cable Networks In US [Headlines]

Subscribers of the online movie and TV network watched more than one billion hours of video in June.

Technology Over 1 Million U.S. Cable Subscribers Cut Cords In 2011 [Headlines]

Many people are switching from cable to wireless TV.

Advertising The Me-TV Trend [Need To Know: SXSWi]

New platforms are leveraging social data to create dynamic, personalized television experiences.

Advertising Netflix CEO: Service Will Soon Be Part Of The Cable Bundle [Headlines]

The online TV and video streaming site is growing in popularity and demand and may be partnering with service providers in future.

Innovation Cutting The Cord Will Save You $800 Bucks [Headlines]

Traditional TV deals are less desirable compared to what Netflix, Hulu and what's on offer on the Internet in general.

Netflix Isn’t A Cable Company; Netflix Is A Video Channel [Headlines]

Netflix's new deal for exclusive rights to Dreamworks films in the "pay TV window" is the best news the company has had in weeks.

VideoSurf For IPhone And Android: Like Shazam For TV [Headlines]

This new app can identify TV shows based on what's on screen.

Technology With Web Alternative, 29% May Cancel Pay TV Subscriptions In Next 6 Months [Headlines]

Eventually, the shifting TV landscape will produce a Net-based programmer that competes with current pay-TV services.

Home iPad TV Viewing Goes Live

Time Warner makes the first move in providing greater flexibility for how it's customers can view live television.