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Advertising Media Expert: Crafting Better Ads For A New Age Of Television Viewers

Jacqueline Corbelli, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of BrightLine, discusses how TV's evolution presents an opportunity for advertisers who are willing to explore the vast opportunities that exist in this new Advanced TV world.

Home HBO Go without Needing Cable? Welcome to the Future of Television

HBO’s on-demand service could float free of cable’s clutches. What, beyond 'Game of Thrones' binges for all, will this mean?

Technology Will Google Become The Next Cable TV Provider?

Web giant in talks with media companies for potential broadcasting takeover.

Technology Cable Box Lets People See What Their Friends Are Watching

Fan TV combines live TV, DVR, and streaming services in one, and comes with a touchpad remote control.

Technology Micro-Antennas Let Viewers Cut Cable Cords

Aereo is a new service for cord cutters in New York enables them to keep up with their favorite shows with a tiny antenna that transmits the signal.

Advertising Is Apple Creating A TV Set Top Box? [Headlines]

Apple is said to be talking to cable providers in preparation for the creation of a set-top box for live programming and other TV content.

Technology More People Watched Curiosity Landing Over Web Than On Cable [Headlines]

Ustream reported that total views hit 3.2 billion, showing the rise in online platforms to stream TV.

Advertising Intel Creates Set-Top-Box With Targeted Advertising [Headlines]

When installed the product will be able to recognize the viewer’s gender and age bracket and tailors the commercial shown based on these criteria. The company assures that the device can not directly identify users.

Technology Cord Cutting Rises 22.8% [Headlines]

Nielsen are reporting on the appearance of broadband/broadcast-only households who stream video twice as much as the general population.