Entertainment Cadbury's chocolate soccer ball wrapped in a QR-enabled package connects consumers to a digital game

Chocolate brand Cadbury unveiled a chocolate soccer ball wrapped in smart packaging in partnership with soccer championship The Premier League. The branded box is embedded with a QR code that enables access to a digital game, where players have 15 chances to score against a goalkeeper and make their way up the leaderboard.

Advertising Cadbury Pop-Up Accepts Knick-Knacks In Exchange For Chocolate

The British confectionary manufacturer is seeking to promote generosity with its new promotion

Fitness & Sport Exercise Class Focuses On Working Out Your Jaw Muscles

Cadbury is promoting its newest chocolate flavor with a special exercise class at a London gym

Design Cadbury Vending Machine Dispenses Chocolate Based On Facebook Profiles

Chocolate lovers take a digital journey to discover which of Cadbury's many flavors best match their identity.

Gaming & Play Chocolate Wafer Kits Let Kids Build Edible Airplanes, Cars And Dinosaurs

Choco Fix introduces today's children to the idea of Airfix models in an exciting new way.

Technology Jacket Lights Up When Its Wearer Eats Chocolate

The Joy Jacket creates an interactive lighting display as the user experiences joy.

Innovation New Cadbury Chocolate Won’t Melt, Even In 100+ Degree Temps

The chocolate company's research and development department invent cocoa solids that can withstand heat of a 104F degrees.

Advertising 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Amazon's unveiling of the Kindle HD, launching candy bars over social media and a remote control for cockroaches... Links to start your day with.

Gaming & Play Cadbury Measures Olympic Stats In Chocolate Products

The"Choculator" creatively leverages the spirit of the Games to engage consumers to interact with the brand.

Advertising What Is The Number One Ranked Social Brand? [Headlines]

Innocent Drinks, the British juice and smoothie company wins out over Starbucks, Cadbury, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show in effectively communicating with consumers over channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Design Cadbury Marks 1 Million Facebook Fans With Huge Chocolate Thumbs Up

The giant sculpture was commissioned by the chocolate maker to celebrate its following on the social network.

Innovation Cadbury Wins Rights To Purple Over Nestlé [Headlines]

The lawsuit put and end to the three year trademark battle between the two confectioner companies.

Technology App Makes Brands More Interactive By Culling Virtual Information

When pointed at included brand logos Blippar lets users interact with 3D objects and get information on recipes and more

Advertising Kraft Apologizes Over Naomi Campbell Ad [Headlines]

Kraft-owned chocolate maker Cadbury has apologised after one of its adverts "caused upset" to supermodel Naomi Campbell.