Health Start-Up Uses DNA Test To Provide Customers With Personalized Nutrition

Habit's custom nutrition advice aims to help people improve their health and lifestyles using genetic testing, taking into account individuals' metabolism, sensitivities and more to create tailored profiles

Brand Activation & Immersion Interview: How To Build A Cult Beverage Brand Into A Market Leader

In this interview, Vita Coco's executive vice president of global brand strategy and development discusses how the brand's entrepreneurial environment and strategy are enabling the coconut-centric beverage brand to cultivate a mass consumer following

Food & Beverage Coffee Drinkers Can Track Their Beans' Source On An IBM Blockchain

Brooklyn Roasting Company customers can track their beverage's supply chain using QR codes found on to-go cups, appealing to consumer interest in brand transparency as well as product origin and quality

Retail The Six Secrets To Good Sleep, According To A Sleep Tech Founder

Matteo Franceschetti, the founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, discusses the importance of sleep in boosting productivity, brain function, and performance

Advertising Coca-Cola Has Released A Coffee Drink In Japan

The beverage maker released a Japan-exclusive beverage that mixes their soft drink beverage with coffee

Design Pocket-Sized Utensil Makes Pour-Over Coffee From A Packet

Dripkit lets you make a single cup of pour-over style coffee anywhere

Packaging & Product Engagement Coffee Pods Offer A Single Cup Of Buzz With Cannabis And Caffeine

Cannabiniers is packaging marijuana in pods with single servings of coffee, cocoa and tea

Entertainment Coke's Latest Campaign Created Over 1,000 Unique Songs Featuring People's Names

The beverage giant's new summer campaign lets people find songs with their names in them, a play on its named-bottle gimmick

Consumer Goods Connected Product Experts: How Consumer Brands Can Build A Smarter Product

Curt Schacker and Ryan McManus from EVRYTHNG discuss how just-in-time replenishment is creating a new competition for subscription models

Food & Beverage Alcoholic Cold Brew Is On The Way

A company called Bad Larry's has created a cold coffee infused with alcohol

Advertising BuzzFeed Now Sells Its Own Brand Of Coffee

The brand's food platform, Tasty, created coffee blends by having users take a personality quiz to determine their preferred flavor profile

Advertising New Coke Spot Challenges Gender Norms In Advertising

The campaign marks a more LGBTQ-inclusive shift in messaging

Health Mushroom Coffee May Be The Next Superfood Fad

Four Stimagtic's powder coffee made with mushrooms claims to help boost anti-oxidants and nutrients

Food & Beverage App-Controlled Kettle Guides Brewers To Perfect Cup Of Coffee

The Stagg EKG aims to provide precise guidance on how to craft the perfect pour-over coffee