Beauty Walgreens Offers Cancer Patients Integrated Beauty And Wellness Support

The pharmacy is aiming to create an all-encompassing ecosystem for its customers, launching the Feel More Like Me initiative to provide integrated support from beauty and pharmacy departments for cancer patients

Children Aflac Designed A Toy Robot To Comfort Kids Who Have Cancer

Aflac and Sproutel showcased the cuddly robotic duck at CES 2018 and won the award for "Tech for a Better World"

Advertising Billboard Coughs On Passersby To Spread Awareness About Lung Cancer

The Marie Keating Foundation wants to raise awareness for lung cancer with an audible billboard

Consumer Goods The UK Has Opened The First Store Dedicated To Cancer Patients

In a London hospital, a store aims to help those suffering from cancer

Design Gene Editing: Disrupting Today’s Therapeutics Industry And Revolutionizing The Future of Medicine

Dr. André Choulika, CEO of gene editing company Cellectis, discusses how gene editing presents great promise for the future of medicine

Health Screen For Cancer Just By Snapping A Selfie

An app from the University of Washington can help users screen for pancreatic cancer and other diseases by measuring bilirubin levels through a selfie

Retail Now You Can Pop A Pill To Get A Real Tan

Say goodbye to fake tan or melanomas! A new salt-inducible drug could give you a nice tan without needing to be exposed to any sunlight or UV rays

Innovation How IBM Watson Is Being Used To Create Treatment Plans For Cancer Patients

New data demonstrates the supercomputer's ability to assist doctors in treating cancer

Fashion & Apparel Teen Invents A Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer

This "miracle" bra from Higia Technologies detects changes in a woman's health over time

Technology Health Campaign Raises Awareness By Broadcasting Live Surgery

Cancer Research UK bought a 90 second advertisement slot to show a live procedure to make viewers aware of early detection techniques

Features Do Food Scares Really Change The Way We Eat?

Months after the WHO warned that it caused cancer, bacon is enjoying a sales streak. But it’s not the first time we have overcome our fears about foodstuffs

Technology How A Videogame Can Be A Source For Innovation

The Games For Change festival focuses on awarding the most impactful games out there

Technology This Pocket-Sized Device Can Diagnose Cancer In 20 Minutes

Downsizing the laboratory into a handheld device

Advertising Trend Watch: Passive Philanthropy

Doing social good has never been so easy