Design Begin Your Next Job Interview With Just A Text Message

Canvas is a startup that wants recruiters to approach prospective employees through texts and emojis rather than voicemails

Automotive Month-To-Month Car Ownership Subscriptions Could Change How People Get Around In SF

Canvas is taking advantage of mobility trends and excess off-lease vehicles

Home This Augmented Reality Sensor Can Measure Your House

Canvas is a new app and advanced sensor that uses augmented reality to create 3D images of your space directly from your mobile device

Work Posters Created From DNA Offer Novel Approach To Home Decor

Startup helps people turn their genetic information into a beautiful art piece.

Technology 4chan Creator Has Made An App To Inspire Daily Creativity

Chris Poole tells PSFK about his mission to bring expression back into people's everyday lives.

Design 3D Printed Artworks Layer Plastic Instead Of Paint [Pics]

Hyper-complex lanscapes mimic nano-molecular structures.

Advertising 2D Paintings Double As Seats [Pics]

Japanese design studio YOY creates furniture pieces you can hang as wall art or sit on.

Advertising 'Green Space' Created By Pedestrians Walking Over Urban Poster

Large white canvases with images of bare trees were placed on street crossings in China; when people crossed the street, paint on the bottom of their shoes created ‘leaves.'

Design Old WWII Planes Become A Canvas For Artists

Eric Firestone is showcasing his latest project -- aircrafts painted by 30 different talents -- at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona.

Gaming & Play Need To Know: 10 Must Read Posts Of The Week Vol. 7

At the end of each week, PSFK curates the last seven days’ top content to give you a digest of everything that is trending both on and offline right now.

Technology 4chan Spins Off A More Mainstream Image Board

Canvas is a new user-friendly image board site created with the intention of widening the internet meme community.

Home Together Bag: The Canvas Anti-Status Symbol

The union of luxury, symbolized by the house of Hermès, with the utilitarian canvas tote bag reduces a Birkin to its basic function of a carryall.

Innovation IdeaPaint: A Blank Canvas For All Your Good Ideas

IdeaPaint provides analog inspiration by transforming any flat surface into a dry erase board.