Carnegie Mellon University

Home Consumers Could Control Their Homes By Tapping On The Wall

Technology from Carnegie Mellon and Disney Research turns walls into interactive surfaces that connect to lights, appliances and other devices

Technology Connect to Your Printer of Choice by Snapping Its Photo

An app connects devices to your printer through its camera

Work Disney’s Watch Can Tell What You’re Holding, Opening Up World of Self-Contained Interactivity

Using electromagnetic signature detection, the EMSense watch can unlock laptops or electronic office doors with a touch

Design Design 3D-Printed Wearables by Pinching and Poking On-Skin Projections

Tactum is an augmented modeling tool that lets users manipulate images on their body via gesture to create ready-to-print Moto 360 watch bands and ready-to-wear medical braces

Plastic Accessories Turn Your Phone into Ticklish Doll

Acoustruments are low-cost mechanisms developed by Disney Research that add rich functionality to handheld devices

Technology iOS Heart Rate Monitor Helps You Cull Stress-Inducing Relationships

The Pplkpr app uses biometric feedback to gauge users' physical responses to the people in their life

Work Weed Out Toxic Relationships with iOS-Connected Heart Rate Monitor

The Pplkpr app uses biometric feedback to gauge users' physical responses to the people in their life

Design Chrome Plug-In Offers A Visual Map Of Your Internet Activity [Video]

Iconic History displays users' browser history as a stack of Favicons.

Innovation Headlights Block Snowflakes For Safer Driving [Video]

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Intel are developing smart car headlights that can cope with precipitation.

Advertising Robot Butler Separates Oreo Cookies For Its Owner [Video]

HERB is robotic helper that is programmed to scrape off the cream from the biscuit.

Retail Acoustic Barcodes Are Scannable With Fingernails & Pens [Video]

Etched patterns in plastic make music that also sends price data to your phone.

Technology Facial Recognition Software & Social Media Sites Increase Privacy Risk

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University demonstrate how easy it is to invade someone's privacy using new technologies.

Technology Cloud Computing For Robots

Researchers are now finding ways for robots to utilize cloud computing as a means of accessing immense amounts of data that would allow them to perform a variety of flexible roles.

Technology A Computer That Reads And Learns From The Internet

The Never Ending Language Learner, built by Carnegie Mellon University, has the ability to acquire knowledge from the web.