Automotive Graphic Designer Creates Contemporary Maps With Retro Designs

The City Art Posters series by Hubert Roguski gives traditional cartography a new function

Design What The World Would Look Like If Tech Companies Were Countries

Top 500 websites plotted out on a beautiful vintage National Geographic world map.

Map Of Brooklyn Made Entirely Out Of Trash

Artist Jennifer Maravillas created a non-digital map of Brooklyn that uses trash from each block to illuminate the borough’s culture and diversity.

Design World Map Replaces Place Names With Their Original Meanings [Pics]

The Atlas of True Names replaces the names of geographical areas with their etymological origins.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Scratch-Off Map Showcases World Travels [Pics]

A great way to keep track of and show off the exotic places one has been to.

Luxury New Map Compares Subway And Walking Travel Time

Rod McLaren creates a revised version of the underground map shows when it is better to walk.

Technology Creating An Atlas Of The World Depicted Through Food

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, 'Food: An Atlas' seeks to create a greater awareness of where certain edible items come from.

Design Artists Dissects City Maps And Reconfigures Them Into Intricate Mosaics [Pics]

What do aerial shots of cities look like when they are placed on their sides?

Work Designer Creates Map Of Dublin Based On Places From Joyce's Ulysses

Rachel Kerr has spent three years making this tribute, typographically formed from places mentioned in the work of literature.

Technology Google Maps Faces $660,000 Fine In France For Being Free [Headlines]

Search engine giant gets pressure from French court over its easily accessible map service.

Design Map Collages In The Age Of Google [Pics]

Artist Matthew Cusick uses physical maps as materials to enliven portraits of American icons.

Technology DIY Cartography: Mapping Kibera

The second largest slum in Africa is finally plotted out and mapped, thanks to the initiative of a few young volunteers.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Retronaut Cartography App Temporally Traverses London

A new augmented reality app lets users explore London through the centuries.

Advertising Reinventing The Streets

Toyota Prado's New Campaign plays with cartography in the digital era.