Cassette Tape

Advertising Colonel Sanders Guides A KFC-Inspired Road Trip On A Cassette Tape

The publicity stunt features the voice of the fast food icon giving GPS-like directions through an old medium

Retro USB Drive Prototypes Pay Homage to Relics of Culture

Old game controllers and past tech devices are portrayed in these USB sticks

Design Moleskine Releases 'Audio Cassette' Inspired Limited-Edition Notebook

The notebooks feature a black hardcover with themed silver, green or red debossing that resemble a tape recorder and walkman.

Advertising Animal Collective's Cassette Tape Sneaker Album

The band is using a novel method to offer a new collection of songs.

Advertising (Video) Mixtapes for a New Generation

"Mixtape" is a short film that explores the timeless strategy of using a tape of other people’s music to express your feelings.

Work Dead Media: Brian Dettmer's Cassette Tape Skulls

Using the remains of old cassette tapes, Brian Dettmer has crafted a series of skulls and skeletons, both animal and human.