Entertainment Vinyl's Revival Continues With New Celebrity Subscription Service

Experience Vinyl promises to deliver some of Elton John and Quincy Jones' favorite albums to your door

Advertising Taylor Swift Lets Twitter Fans To Follow Her In Real Life

Singer-songwriter lets a group of followers get a personal glimpse of her promotional tour by having them actually tail her as she went about her day.

Work Musician Releases DIY Cardboard Record Player With His Latest Album [Video]

Kid Koala creates a lo-fi paper gramophone that is fully functional to play his new songs on.

Technology Digital Music Sales Outperform CD & Record Sales For The First Time [Headlines]

According to BPI, 55% of all music sales were digital in the 1st quarter of 2012.

Design Jay-Z & Kanye's New Album Cover Is Printed On Gold

Givenchy's creative director adds some glamor to the latest album from the iconic rap duo.

Apple Bids Goodbye To The DVD [Headlines]

Is it too soon to say goodbye to CDs and DVDs? Not according to Apple. They're retiring the optical drive from the Mac Mini.

Design Minimalist DVD Taxonomy Refines Disc Storage Options [Pics]

Recycled materials provide a simple housing for your DVD collection.

Radiohead Defies Convention Again With Latest Album Release

Dubbed by the band as "the world's first newspaper album," physical editions will include 625 pieces of tiny artwork, two vinyl records, a CD, and a number of larger pieces of art.

Innovation The Fragility Of Digital Recordings

Contrary to popular belief, digital records don't always preserve data for a long time, according to a new study.