central park

Advertising Carry A Map Of NYC On A Handbag

The bag from Bottega Veneta has been designed exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman to celebrate New York City

Syndicated Mapping All 600,000 Trees in New York City

From silver maples to English oak, a web developer has plotted the location of trees from 168 different species across the city’s five boroughs, revealing a strong tree stewardship

Technology Google Offers Street View Tours Of Historic Landmarks

The tech company revealed new imagery of the 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, and the areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Innovation Wilderness Survival Skills Taught In Central Park

The Mountain Scout Survival School teaches enthusiasts how to find water, build a fire and track animals.

Design Central Park Comes To Life On Map Of Manhattan Bookshelf

This New York office space has a wall that features the city landmark made out of real living plants.

Advertising The City As A Social Platform [VIDEO]

The Chief Digital Officer for NYC discusses her hopes for the integration of digital platforms into city life, while pointing out what NYC.gov has already accomplished.

(Event) Flavorpill Hosts The World's Largest Yoga Gathering

10,000 participants will come together to simultaneously practice and share a cultural event on the first full day of summer.