CES 2012

Technology Eye-Tracking Takes Viewers Into The Stadium From Their Couch [Video]

New technology allows you to control what you want to see in the big game by following your eye movements.

Design Mercedes-Benz Unveils Futuristic Dashboard Controlled By Hand Gestures

The auto-makers' new concept let drivers send messages and book restaurants while driving simply by waving your hand.

Design Wireless Headset Allows You To Control Music With Hand Gestures

The ZIK Parrot headset controls music through simple motion sensing technology.

Home WiFi Enabled Power Outlets Will Reduce Home Energy Usage [CES 2012]

A central system communicates with each power outlet to understand energy usage and that helps track which sockets are using power.

Technology 3D Printer Can Print Chocolate Cupcakes In Minutes [CES 2012]

The Imagine 3D Printer offers a different way to print in three dimensions because of the syringes it employs.

Design Could The SD Drive Challenge USB Slot? [CES 2012]

Does the new Mimomicro range point to the SD drive being used for more purposes than photo-uploading.

Gaming & Play Microsoft Shows Off Electronic Mirror Concept For Retailers [CES 2012]

A new 'smart' retail concept uses the company's Kinect technology to let customers virtually try on clothes before braving the actual dressing room.

Technology Microsoft's New Surface Interactive Table Sees Your Point [CES 2012]

The screen of SUR40 supplied by Samsung can see multiple users' hands - leading to evolved natural user interface.

Design Upcycled Phones Become Loud Speakers [CES 2012]

Designer takes discarded material that doesn't biodegrade and re-imagines its use