CES 2014

Advertising Functional Keyboard Can Be Printed Onto A Sheet Of Paper

Clunky input devices will soon be extinct thanks to this new technology.

Gaming & Play Robot Uses The iPad As A Physical Game Board [CES 2014]

Ozobot is a small robot that can recognize lines and patterns, uses them to navigate around tracks created on an iPad or a piece of paper.

Technology Basketball Training System Improves Players’ Game With Mid-Air Analytics [CES 2014]

The ArcAid system by Cambridge Consultants features cameras that can analyze the speed, angle, and arc of a ball.

Design Smartphone Case Uses Energy Field To Power Up [Video]

The Lune smartphone case recycles a phone's electromagnetic energy to alert users of incoming calls.

Home Amazon Expands Retail Presence With Kindle Vending Machines

The e-commerce giant experiments with third-party retail stores in order to expand its business outside the web.

Innovation Sensors Turn Any Car Into A Self-Driving Vehicle [CES 2014]

Valeo’s automotive technology and smartphone app allow you to park a driverless vehicle with the touch of a button.

Luxury 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Get a free Uber ride around Detroit, gamify your Twitter achievements, and more.

Syndicated Speakers Direct Sound To Wherever the Listener Is Standing [CES 2014]

Seen at CES 2014, Turtle Beach's speakers work like a 'flashlight' for sound waves.

Work Iris-Scanning Device Secures Digital Passwords [CES 2014]

The Myris allows people to gain access to any password-protected accounts online.

Gesture Ring Gives People Hands-Free Control Over Their iPhones [CES 2014]

The iRing lets users perform tasks on their iOS devices without touching them.

Luxury Bed Molds And Reacts To People's Sleeping Habits [CES 2014]

Smart bed tracks your nocturnal habits and helps put an end to snoring.

Home iPhone Case Uses Heat Sensors To Create Night Vision Lens [CES 2014]

The Flir One lets users map their environment using temperature.

Design Why Pebble's New Watch Is Dressy On The Inside And Out [CES 2014]

The popular smart device gets a surprising makeover.