CES 2017

Entertainment This Shanghai Startup Is Making It Easier To Brew Beer At Home

iGulu automates and streamlines much of the brewing process

Fitness & Sport Take To The Virtual Skies With This Bird-Like Suit

A startup has designed a controller to push the limits of VR immersion

Automotive Car Headrest Monitors Brainwaves To Prevent Drivers From Falling Asleep At The Wheel

This experimental headrest uses EEG technology to keep people awake

Technology 3D Face Camera Creates Accurate Models In Seconds

Bellus3D is a high-quality yet affordable face-scanning camera for mobile devices

Gaming & Play Lego's Robot Helps Younger Kids Learn How To Code

Lego Boost empowers kids to customize their own model and program unique actions

Luxury Luxury Road Bike Brings Integrated Technology To The Next Level

SpeedX is trying to shake up the bicycle industry with a new kind of high-end cycle

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel LG's New Robot Will Be Your Personal Airport Guide

No more getting lost in the terminal, because this charming robotic concierge could soon be helping travelers get to where they need to be

Health Wireless Breast Pump Allows Women To Pump On The Go

Willow is a sleek device claiming to be the world's first 'truly mobile' way for women to produce and store milk while working

Design Fully 3D-Printed Car Promises Sustainable Manufacturing

Showcased at CES 2017, Divergent is trying to change how vehicles are produced outside of assembly lines

Automotive Toyota's Concept-i Car Makes Artificial Intelligence More Human

The AI system demonstrates a range of ways it can build a human-like connection with people

Advertising Hyundai's 'Mobility Vision' Has Cars Docking With Homes And Becoming Shared Living Spaces

The design study, which debuted at CES 2017, envisions the car as a mobile room to meet a wide range of needs

Design Honda’s Mobility Ecosystem Aims To Solve Multiple Transportation Issues

A diversified range of ideas cover improving safety, user experience and digital integration

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Volkswagen Remakes Their Classic Van Into An All-Electric Concept Vehicle

The German car maker has unveiled a new model of their 60s microbus as part of its I.D program

Consumer Goods Polaroid Creates Modern Camera Using Classic Design

The company has released a digital version of their famous classic model