Packaging & Product Engagement Beck's Upgrades Its Beer Can In An Effort To Appeal To Luxury-Oriented Consumers

The German brewery designed a new beer can that mimics the shape of a champagne flute in a move to differentiate itself from competitors as well as appeal to more sophisticated events

Food & Beverage Aldi Makes Things Cheaper For Cash-Strapped Weddings With Online Wine Guide

The discount supermarket chain wants to make wedding planning easier and more affordable with an online wine shopping hub

Cafe & Restaurant How Multi-Sensory Experiences Enhance The Drinking Game

From VR goggles to gummy bear edibles, wine and spirits brands are creating entire immersive experiences around their alcohol products to fight declining consumption

Advertising Pantone Adds Wine-Inspired 'English Sparkling' To The Color Wheel

Laithwaite's Wine partnered with the color institute to launch a hue inspired by its sparkling white wine

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Why ‘Craft’ Sparkling Water Is Taking Over The Soft Drink Market

Carbonated water is making a splash as sugary drinks are ditched for healthier options with Instagram-ready packaging

Retail Moët Hennessy Alexa Skill Teaches You About Champagne

Bottles and Bubbles leverages the voice tech to help consumers become connoisseurs

Delivery & Logistics Service Delivers Chilled Champagne To Miami Residents In Under 60 Minutes

Dom Pérignon partnered with Thirstie to have its champagne delivered to a customer's door within an hour

Advertising Chill Out With Your Feline Friend And Enjoy A Cat Wine

Two brands have launched a range of non-alcoholic wines specifically for people's pets

Luxury LVMH Has Launched An Experimental Online Drinks Platform

Clos19 offers a wide selection of luxurious drinks, catering services, and special events on its newly launched website

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel 'Press For Champagne' Buttons Give London Office Workers A Chance To Relax

Enstar Capital's new building in SoHo will offer champagne service at the push of a button

Technology Champagne Vending Machine Comes To Las Vegas

With a gold coin you can purchase 187-milliliter splits of bubbly from an automated vendor at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Vegas

Food & Beverage This Startup Is Taking The Mystery Out Of Wine Pricing

Alit lists out on their website a detailed breakdown costs to give their customers confidence in what they were purchasing

Design Designer Brings Some Much Needed Class To The Beer Bong

The 6-ounce glass funnel helps champagne go down smooth...and fast

Home Krug Lets Drinkers Listen To Their Fizzing Bubbles

Krug has created a device that amplifies the symphony of popping in a glass of their Grand Cuvée.