Folding Turbine Charger Lets You Charge Your Phone When Outdoors

Designer Nils Ferber has created a unique device to gather power for your devices, which he says is more portable and effective than any other

Children Charge Your Phone While Taking Your Baby For A Walk

This stroller incorporates electricity-generating technology to aid busy parents

Design Charge All Your Devices Atop This Sleek, Slim Pad

Wireless charger will let you charge multiple devices just by placing them on this surface

Technology Charge Your Phone With This Potted Plant

Using the natural system of photosynthesis, a novel way to channel electricity

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Luxury Apple Watch Packaging Concept Rethinks Night Charging

Bedside charger can neatly charge the new smart watch with other Apple products simultaneously

Technology Power Up Your iPad While Making Coffee Off the Grid

KettleCharge uses boiling water to charge your devices

Work Generator Turns Everyday Vibrations Into Smartphone Power

A film that acts like a sponge is the key to picking up subtle movements that could power your device.

Innovation Wireless Charger Powers Mobile Devices Using Bluetooth And Wifi

Cota by Ossia provides juice for your devices with absolutely no cords needed.

Technology Device 'Steals' Excess Power From Nearby Electromagnetic Fields

Dennis Siegel has built an 'Electromagnetic Harvester' that can use redundant energy to charge a battery.

Advertising Adapter Can Power Devices For 2 Weeks Without Wall Charge

Nectar is a portable power system that lets you charge your smartphone, tablet, or e-reader without hunting for an outlet.

Design Shake Your Cell Phone To Charge It

Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a novel method for juicing up your mobile that draws energy from piezoelectric force.

Home Mini Purse With Built-In Phone Charger

Everpurse has a charging station in one of its pockets so your phone will never run out of juice while you're on the go.

Design Shape-Shifting Socket Lets You Plug In Any Gadget, Anywhere

Forget the rectangular power strip, this flexible and fluid concept design takes any plug and can mold into any shape.