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Chat App Only Lets People Message When Their Phones Are Nearly Dead

Die With Me lets people message each other in a chatroom as their phones slowly lose the last 5% of battery life they have left

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Anytime by Amazon is loaded with features that rival offerings by Facebook

Millennials Let A Chatbot Do The Hard Parts Of Online Dating For You

The "Ghostbot" will save you from unwanted interactions with carefully crafted replies

Retail Victoria’s Secret Chatting App Ensures Instantaneous Customer Satisfaction

Text-based communication between retailer and customer includes branded emojis, user photos and multiple shades of pink

Design New Communication Network Combines Elements Of Skype, WhatsApp and Slack

Wire lets users share words, pictures and music in seamless, cross-platform conversation app

Advertising Sean O’Brien: How Anonymous Chat Apps Can Avoid Disappearing Like Their Content

The private chat space is bigger than people realize, but not as robust as traditional messaging.