checking in

Design Inspire Your Social Circle By Checking In Before It Happens

bethere app lets you 'check in' beforehand, so you can spend time with your friends instead of making them jealous remotely

Design Turn Your Foursquare Check-Ins Into Jewelry With 3D Printing

Meshu let's anyone turn their own memorable experiences into unique geometric shapes to be worn as jewlery

Technology Check In With A Tap: Foursquare Adds NFC For Android [Headlines]

Location-based social networking website and app introduces latest feature for Linux-based operating system for mobile devices.

Technology Comic Device Makes You Pelvic Thrust To 'Like' Things In The Real World

The NFC enabled device makes liking a more deliberate physical act that generates online activity.

Gaming & Play Check-In Powered Monopoly Game Lets You Own The Empire State Building [Future Of Gaming]

Metropoli combines the check-in features of location- based social networking website Foursquare with a variation on the popular board game Monopoly.

Advertising Starbucks China Now Automatically Checks You In Through New Mobile Campaign

Now when people check into the coffee giant in China through their integrated ads they will be eligible for a larger drink size

Home Foursquare Check-Ins Illuminate Black Friday Shopping Trends [Infographic]

An infographic tracking last years check-in behaviors show which businesses came out on top and when/where people checked in.

Design Explore Cities On Your Nokia Phone In 3D

A new app, City Scene, created for the N9 phone allows users to remotely explore fully immersive maps and models of cities.

Advertising Is Foursquare Struggling To Crack Europe?

Feedback from the PurpleList suggests that the social app is finding it difficult to scale outside the US.

Gaming & Play Foursquare Adds More Schools To Their University Program

Building off last years success, Foursquare is participating with more schools to help students navigate their campus

Advertising Check In To 7-Eleven, Win A Trip To Space

7-Eleven and Super 8 give you the chance to win a trip to space by checking in via Foursquare.

Technology Starwood Hotels Implements a Foursquare Loyalty Program

Starwood's new partnership with Foursquare places a firm focus on customer loyalty.

Advertising American Express Partners With Foursquare At SXSW

In anticipation of the launch of Foursquare's 3.0 platform, the company has partnered with American Express in a move that signals the future of mobile payments.