Chevy Volt

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Electric vehicles have potential to change the way we live beyond transportation

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The technology DNA of the 2016 Chevy Volt contains the next era of transportation

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Set designer Gary Card has created a robotic-looking festive emblem at The King's Cross Filling Station in London.

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As the automaker shuts-down the plant for the 2nd time this year, why they need to embrace the political debate and confront the long term environmental impact in the interim.

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GM created two displays for the Chevy Volt which feature the car in environments which mimic real life.

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Electronics expert Chris Edwards on why we need to take security of embedded systems (such as in the new Chevy Volt) more seriously.

Innovation Chevy Volt Components To Be Made Using Plastic Booms From Gulf Oil Spill

General Motors are making Chevy Volt's auto components from an unlikely raw material.