Chewing Gum

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Players Chew Gum To Control Tic Tac's Snapchat Games

A player's jaw motions, captured on camera, control two retro Snapchat games released by the mint brand to promote its latest product offering

Design Sustainable Sneaker Is Made From Chewing Gum

These upcycled kicks help reduce sticky waste on streets while furthering the cause of sustainable fashion with unexpected materials

Advertising Air France Has Released A Line Of Chewing Gum

To help passengers deal with their ears popping during their flight, Air France developed their own line of gum that comes in two flavors

Gaming & Play Chewing Gum Video Game Is Controlled By Players' Mouths [Video]

Contorting your face into strange shapes is the best way to win this interactive ad released by Stride.

Advertising Passers-By Use Their Chewing Gum To Vote For The Next President [Video]

Obama or Romney? A street art project asks participants to show their support with sticky candy.

Retail Chewing Gum Relieves Motion Sickness

A new method of getting rid of car/sea illness delivers drug through the buccal cavity in the mouth.

Advertising Chewable Pencil Tastes Like Gum [Video]

Brazilian agency ageisobar created a chewable pencil for Gang Chewing Gum that was distributed in schools for students to use during their exams.

Technology Trident's Campaign Promotes Pointless Fun

The chewing gum brand decides to focus on entertaining and involving experiences rather than hard selling their product.

Innovation Gum That Doesn't Stick To Anything

Rev 7 gum was invented by scientists at Bristol University and is due to launch in Europe this year.

Work Chewing Gum As Street Art [Pics]

Artist celebrates London by drawing coloring and writing on discarded gum.

Flavor Changing Gum & The 'Worlds First Micro-Factory'

Gelatin-dessert art creators Bompas & Parr have created a gum which reportedly changes flavor as you chew.

Design Streetside Bin Made From Recycled Chewing Gum

A bin made from a new plastic helps recycle used chewing gum.

Innovation New Gum Could Detect Malaria

Maliva is a chewing gum laden with magnetic nanoparticles that may represent a cheap and effective delivery method for diagnosing Malaria in under-served populations.