chief culture officer

Advertising Rob Fields: How Brands Can Provide Cultural Leadership

How can companies move beyond purpose to guidance?

Home Grant McCracken: The Two Faces Of The Chief Culture Officer

The importance of creating a role that is responsible for maintaining a company's culture and communicating it both inside and out.

Work Grant McCracken's Culture Contest: Showtime Vs. USA Networks

Grant McCracken is running a contest at his blog asking people to see the culture trends at work at USA networks and Showcase.

Advertising Grant McCracken: What Virgin Can Learn From Apple (And Three Other Thoughts On A Plane)

Observations on the customer service practices of major brands.

Innovation (Video) Grant McCracken: PSFK Conference New York 2010

Anthropologist Grant McCracken discusses the thinking behind his latest book, Chief Culture Officer, a clarion call for the integration of culture into corporate strategy.

Design How Do You Turn Life Into A Game? Good Ideas Talks On Disruption

In the final set of Good Ideas talks at PSFK Conference NYC, we learned about the power of disruption from Peter Weijmarshausen, Grant McCracken, Avner Ronen and Naveen Selvadurai.

Technology Grant McCracken: Reading A Restless Culture

Grant McCracken explains the role of a Chief Culture Officer.

Advertising Grant McCracken On Understanding Fast And Slow Culture

PSFK attended Grant McCracken's presentation on his latest book, Chief Culture Officer, and we walked away with some interesting thoughts.