Child care

Brand Activation & Immersion Parents Can Ask Alexa To Check Their Baby Apps And Devices

As one of the biggest baby gear retailers, Amazon is launching a Baby Skill Activity API, letting parents update baby apps and baby care devices to monitor feedings, changing times, weight and more through voice control

Food & Beverage Interview: Where The Smart Money Is Going Into Pet Trends

Sector investor David Cunningham describes the trends that he sees leading the pet industry

Children Atlanta Airport Set Up Luxurious Private Pods For Breastfeeding

The airport teamed up with Zappos and Mamava to provide comfortable facilities for breastfeeding travelers

Advertising Program Helps People With Career Breaks Get Back Into Advertising

The PowerOn initiative helps people with professional gaps return to the industry

Retail Wonderschool Wants To Help Teachers Run At-Home Preschools

A California startup aims to help educators start at-home preschools and connect them with parents seeking childcare

Advertising Breastfeeding Mannequins Are Changing Public Perception Of Moms in Colombia

A recent campaign wants to garner public acceptance of nursing moms in Colombia by using breastfeeding mannequins

Design What Happens When Cities Adopt Coworking

Coworkies travelled to 106 coworking spaces across 12 cities in the past year to discover how coworking shapes cities

Technology Robotic Therapist Helps Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Georgia Tech has developed Darwin, a physical therapy robot for kids and adults

Fashion & Apparel Athletic Brand Releases A Fully Fair Trade Certified Line

The fitness brand Athleta has made the move to proactively support its workers