childhood obesity

Children This Kitchenware Set Helps Children Learn To Cook And Manage Portions

A child-friendly food preparation kit is designed to encourage kids to help prepare meals and learn about portion control

Technology Slap-Bracelet Fitness Tracker Encourages Kids To Exercise

Wearable tech from KidFit helps kids learn about the value of physical activity.

Advertising 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

AirBNB soon to fill more rooms than Hilton, Apple TV is being tested, and Redbox goes up against Netflix...Links to start your day with.

Retail Real-Talking 'Coca-Cola Bears' Exposes Dangers Of Soda Consumption [Video]

New ad campaign from the Center for Science in the Public Interest warns of the dangers of sugar.

Technology Thermal-Imaging Can Tell Your 'Good' Fat From The 'Bad'

Heat-seeking technologies that can detect brown (energy expending) fat vs white (energy storing) fat could be a clue to helping obese children reach a healthy weight.

Innovation Is Pollution Making Our Children Fat? [Headlines]

Roughly 17% of American kids are obese, with the figure rising to nearly 25% in inner-city neighborhoods- is increased pollution in urban areas to blame?

Innovation Grocery Stores Expand To Fight Childhood Obesity

Leading retailers in association with the First Lady, will open in new locations to increase the public's access to healthy and affordable food.

Work McCann Helps Students Produce Commercials Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

A non profit brings experts from various fields to teach new skills to students.