children's toys

Advertising Smart Rubber Ducky Serves as Bath Time Teacher

Edwin the Duck is smarter than your average rubber ducky

Design CES 2015: Robots Engage Kids' Learning

A host of different bots for kids of all ages take a role in various learning stage

Design Bicycle Designed Without Pedals Helps Children Develop Coordination

The ZumZum Bike helps kids learn important balancing and coordination skills in a safe and fun way

Design Analog Toy Teaches Kids About Technology

The 'Tinker Tablet' looks like the inside of a tablet, educating kids about what's inside electronics.

Gaming & Play Real Drivers To Race On Giant Hot Wheels Double Vertical Loop Track

The 'Double Loop Dare’ will take place at this month's Summer X-Games with 2 drivers racing through a 60-foot loop modeled after the popular toy.

Design Eco-Friendly Lego Made Of Natural Waste

These sustainable building blocks are made from old coffee beans, cedar bark and cedar sawdust.

Innovation LeapFrog Offers A Learning Tablet For Children

The gadget has over 100 learning games and apps, a built-in camera and a video recorder.

Advertising Marketers Find New Ways To Target Children

To boost sales new technologies are being utilized, aimed directly at youngsters.

Design Paper Punk: Creative Building Blocks [Pics]

A creative campaign on Kickstarter will see the creation of a new paper-based building toy.

Design A Pirate’s Life For Me: New Children's Playhouse

The pirate ship playhouse that encourages children to be scallywags.

Gaming & Play Crayola 3D Chalk Makes Sidewalk Drawings Pop

The crayon maker brings the latest technology to sidewalks, as drawings are brought to life.