Design New Chip Could Eliminate Batteries, Getting Power From Heat, Vibration & Light

MIT researchers have developed technology that could be used in biomedical devices, environmental sensors and gauges in remote locations.

Innovation Springwise: RFID Tags Sewn Into Clothing Track Product From Production To Purchase

Using chips sewn into merchandise, 'memove,' a Brazilian company, has fine tuned the distribution line from manufacture to inventory to point of sale.

Gaming & Play The Xbox Kinect-Controlled Solar House Of The Future

A remarkable prototype living space, two years in the making, uses the innovative technology to give residents effortless control over their surroundings.

Retail Chip Cards Without A PIN From VISA [Headline]

Major financial company adds convenient new technology for credit users that increases security

Work Automated Chip Can Quickly Diagnose HIV And TB

A new chip developed at UC Berkeley harnesses the power of gravity to detect HIV and TB in minutes.

Technology British Scientist Infected With Computer Virus

Dr Mark Gasson from the University of Reading demonstrates that a virus can move between a human and computer.