Brand Activation & Immersion Dove Chocolate Improves Job Security For Female Workers In West Africa

As part of a campaign for International Women's Day, the chocolatier's new facility on the Ivory Coast aims to give its primarily female employees greater resources and support

Advertising Design Student Creates Chocolate Record You Can Hear And Eat

Interactive design student at ECAL Erika Marthins created a series of food-art experiments that change how people see the edible

Delivery & Logistics Japanese Campaign Transforms People's Voices Into Unique Chocolates

An NTT Docomo campaign turned the vibrations and pitch of a voice message into a chocolate design, to be discovered by the recipient

Design These Geometric Tarts Turn Patisserie Into Architecture

Pastry chef Dinara Kasko uses sheets of chocolate to create stunning edible treats

Food & Beverage Architect Designs Mini Chocolate Replicas Of Ancient Sicilian Tools

Salvatore Spataro is creating tiny replicas of traditional Sicilian tools made out of Modican chocolate

Home Mars Wants People To Host In-Home Chocolate Parties

The confectionary company has developed The Cocoa Exchange as a way of selling premium chocolate products

Fitness & Sport Exercise Class Focuses On Working Out Your Jaw Muscles

Cadbury is promoting its newest chocolate flavor with a special exercise class at a London gym

Advertising Chocolate Museum In NYC Features Edible Art

Starting at $10, visitors can purchase tickets and eat their way through a chocolate history lesson taught by a professional chocolatier

Design 3D-Printed Chocolate Lets Eaters Create Unique Flavor Combinations

Two companies teamed up to create a unique confection that stacks together to form a tower

Retail Godiva's Holiday Set Keeps Creating New Gifts

The brand's newest holiday promotion is a Russian-nesting doll of boxes, encouraging customers to pass along the gift of chocolate

Food & Beverage Chocolate Cookbook Blends Food With Design

"How To Kill Yourself With Chocolate" is based on the subtle toxin Theobromine, which is commonly found in cocoa

Health These Chocolate Squares Claim To Reverse The Aging Process

A group of researchers from Cambridge University have developed a candy bar that promises to give you a youthful glow

Design Be Your Own Chocolate Scientist With a DIY Candy Kit

Chocolate lovers become expert chocolatiers, with Nendo's help

Food & Beverage Chocolate—Straight From the Tap

A gizmo that pours an endless stream of chocolate at parties or weddings