Chris Harrison

Advertising Chris Harrison: Consumer Confidence - Without It, Brands Suffer

Thoughts on the value of consumer confidence statistics in Africa and beyond.

Design Chris Harrison: Spoilt For Choice - Marketers Must Use Audience Research

I have spent quite a few hours in the company of market researchers recently, and I wish more marketers and agency folk would too.

Work Chris Harrison: Judging Creative Ideas - Practical Help For Marketers

Judging creative ideas requires imagination, leadership and trust. And the process needs to be taken more seriously. So, here are some thoughts on how to improve your chances of a successful outcome.

Advertising Chris Harrison: Managing Expectations About Creativity

Time is of the essence these days. But there has to be adequate time dedicated to the complexity of the task. A promotional radio spot can be conceptualised and made in a day. But an idea that will persuade consumers to eat twice as much chicken each week will take longer.

Design Chris Harrison: Inspiring Great Ideas - The Hardest Job In Marketing

Most professional marketers know that simple, engaging and memorable advertising ideas work best. But most are unable to produce them in collaboration with an Ad Agency. Which is odd because Ad Agencies exist specifically to have ideas.

Work Chris Harrison: Time For Youth Brands In Africa

The average age of all humans on the planet is 28 years. In Italy it is 43. In Japan it is 44. In India it is 26. But in the Middle East and Africa it is under 20. This age gap has produced some weaknesses in the way global brands of Western origin are marketed.

Luxury Chris Harrison: Time For African Brands. Because Global Brands Weren’t Built For Here

When you travel, are you struck by the sameness of consumerism? I know I am. Walk down the streets of London, or Johannesburg. Browse the malls in Hong Kong or Lyon. It can be hard to know which country you are in.

Luxury Chris Harrison: New Behaviours Indicate Opportunity In Africa

African man is changing. Traditionally ‘big’, but often disappointingly small in so many ways. He is now looking forwards, and sideways, as well as backwards. His reference points are now not simply mother culture, or authority figures from early life.

Innovation Chris Harrison: What’s Hot For Brands In 2011

Here are some interesting observations from around the world, which may prompt thoughts about the role of design in your brand's 2011 plans.

Technology Chris Harrison: "Price war: Cuts Are Great For Consumers, Not For Brands"

Discounting is a short-term policy. And it places some businesses you in the last chance saloon faster than they ever would have imagined.

Home Chris Harrison: Another Marketing Year In Africa - Press Pause, And Ponder

It seems only moments since we were lurching into a New Year overshadowed by global financial collapse. Yet here we are in December, and most of us in business in Africa are saying ‘ Well that wasn’t so bad, was it?’

Gaming & Play Chris Harrison: Brand Reputation On The Line, Online

Last week in Nairobi, TNS presented key findings from its landmark study Digital Life. Basically a look at how people in 46 countries are using the Internet. And 7 of those countries were on the continent of Africa.

Technology Chris Harrison: Social Pages Boost Brands, Offer Inclusivity On The Web

It can be hard for African CEO’s to take Facebook seriously. And the more serious their business, the harder they find it.

Advertising So Much For Brands To Learn. So Little Time

Chris Harrison looks at how Africa’s marketing pioneers are beginning to engage consumers on the Internet.