Retail Chrome Extension Helps Shoppers Prevent Impulse Purchases

The Icebox Chrome Extension helps shoppers think about heir the things they buy before going through with it

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Trim has created a new Chrome extension that utilizes natural language processing to automatically chat with customer service reps to lower your bill

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Luxury Pocket Technologies Are Powering More Efficient Consumer Decision-Making

Services from Mint and Google Chrome are actively monitoring habits to provide customers with on-demand assistance

Home Google Listens In On You With Audio-Snooping Code

Privacy advocates claim always-listening component was involuntarily activated within Chromium browser, exposing private conversations

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David Abbott dies, how Jimmy Fallon engages millennials and active video games are healthy for children .

Design Chrome Plug-In Erases All Words From The Internet

Text Free Browsing is part art project, part Chrome plug-in that turns off all of the text on any website.

Advertising Internet Explorer Hires Anime Mascot To Fight Viruses [Video]

Inori Aizawa gives the world's most popular browser an image makeover to attract new users.

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